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 Post Posted: Sun Sep 12, 2004 10:08 pm 
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Hello, all! Your favorite ClanQ3.com Forum Admin has something to say, and I would appreciate your full cooperation, so that things stay nice and peaceful around here.

In light of recent events, there needs to be a bit of an overhaul in how things are run here on our forums. This means implementing some things that other forums do, and possibly adding some twists, where applicable. These changes, or, in some cases, points of emphasis (thanks, NFL!), are to help Forum Admins and Forum Moderators maintain control of these forums, and keep discussions somewhat civil.

First, and foremost, rules of this forum are to be followed, period. If you are unsure of what those rules are, please check the link below to gain a better understanding of them:


These rules will be enforced by both Forum Admins and Moderators. Some of the rules that have been set may be seen as a bit subjective, thus it is the sole discretion of the individual Admin/Moderator to act with their best intentions, and with their best judgment.

If a topic is locked, moved, or removed by an Admin/Moderator, it has been done so for a reason. If it is deemed necessary by an Admin/Moderator to lock or move a thread, that Admin/Moderator must post in that thread with either a comment about why it is being locked (ex., because it is off-topic) or moved (ex., because it fits better in this other board), or an instruction to the offenders (ex., please take this to PM). If removed, the acting Moderator will send a PM to the offender(s) stating the reason for removal.

If the thread is locked because it is off-topic, and you would like to restart a new thread that remains on-topic, as long as said thread violates no forum rules, you are welcome to do so.

Topics that have been locked have been locked for a reason. Please refrain from starting additional threads questioning Admin/Moderator decisions to lock the thread, and/or trash-talking the Admin/Moderator responsible for locking the thread. Doing so may result in loss of privilege. Additionally, please refrain from sending PMs, e-mails, or IMs to the Admin/Moderator to trash-talk to them about locking the thread. You are welcome to inquire with the Admin/Moderator, in a calm, rational manner, as to why the topic was locked, and state your case for why it should not have been locked. It will be up to that particular Admin/Moderator as to whether the situation should be reevaluated or not. Trash-talking the Admin/Moderator will not only invalidate any point you may have, it may also result in loss of privilege.

Additional Admin/Moderator tasks will include keeping conversations on topic, which can usually be done with a simple post of “Please stay on topicâ€Â

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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